Holistic Treatments

“Drugs never cure disease. They merely hush the voice of nature’s protest. They pull down the danger signals she erects along the pathways of transgression. Any poison taken into the system has to be reckoned with later on even though palliates present symptoms. Pain may disappear but the patient is left in a worse condition, though unconscious of it at the time.”

-Daniel H. Kress M.D.

Holistic Treatments and Diet treat the root cause of a problem. It is important to remember that it takes time for the body to become ill, and also takes time for the body to heal. Persistence and patience are key.

Treatments that I have done and plan to write about include:

-Acupuncture/Dry Needling
-Infrared Sauna & Traditional Sauna
-Ionic Foot Bath
-Detox Bath
-Dry Skin Brushing
-Bee Venom Therapy
-Castor Oil Packs
-Electrodermal Testing Machine
-Colonic Hydrotherapy
-LDI: Low Dose Immunotherapy
 -Ozone Therapy (local and throughout body)
-Ozone Therapy with UVB Ultraviolet Therapy
-MRT : http://www.m-r-t.eu/en/index.htm
-Vitimin C Drip
-PEMF: Pulsed Electrical Magnetic Field
-Whole Body Vibration
-Enema Implant (Coffee, Garlic, Probiotic)
-Bio Electric Lymph Drainage
-Electrodermal Testing Machine
-PRP Theraphy
-Reiki Energy Healing
-Essential Oils
Have yet to try:
-Whole Body Hyperthermia (most common in Germany & Switzerland)