Natural Products

DIY Cosmetics, Cleaning and Home with Natural & Organic Ingredients. Most of the products that I make/use are edible.

Did you know that the FDA does not regulate products labeled “natural” & “organic’? Many of these labeled products have a hidden chemical crude. Since what we put on our bodies will be absorbed into our bodies, and since what products we have in our homes, we end up breathing in, I felt that it was essential for me to start using products that weren’t filled with chemicals. I started making my own products after becoming frustrated with dissecting ingredients at the store which had a long list of ingredients that were not “all natural” as the misleading title had stated. I wanted to use products that were not filled with chemicals and not harmful to my health.

Cosmetics: Most cosmetic products we use are filled with endocrine disruptors, carcinogens and toxins that seep in to our bodies through our skin and cause disease with prolonged use. The cosmetic products that  I make not only avoid harmful substances, but they also have ingredients that are beneficial for your health. For example, my homemade eyebrow filler works and also has castor oil in the ingredients to promote hair growth.

Cleaning: Modern household cleaners many of us use are harmful to our health due to us breathing in these chemicals and are also harmful to the environment.

Home: When trying to detox your body and your life, you can also choose healthier household products. This includes using organic cotton sheets, all natural beeswax candles, room diffusers, water filters and more.

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