simply11       In numerology, 11 means “Pure” and “Purpose”.

On my page you will find:

  • BUG OFF- an all natural bug spray made and designed by me!
  • Healthy food recipes
  • Natural, organic and ethical cosmetic and house recipes
  • Holistic treatments
  • Detox tips
  •  A guide to healthy restaurants/places to eat, healthy shops and more.

For more detail on each topic, please explore the different tabs.

For more, check out my Instagram at @simply11.made

Email: deanna@simply11.com

Good health is about having your mind, body and soul in balance. My Instagram also includes spiritual posts and other techniques I use to lead a healthy life both physically and mentally. For example,quotes and facts from spiritual books I have read, healing stones, meditations, positive affirmations and more.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. What a great Blog Site, crammed full of really interesting, tempting and healthy recipes and information.

    1. thanks so much! glad you enjoy!

  2. Called in here to offer my thanks for your recent decision to follow Learning from Dogs. Thank you!

  3. I look forward to learning some new detox info from you! There’s so many bad things out there attacking our bodies. I hope to get some of those nasties out of my system 😋

    1. Thank you! I look forward to sharing more tips!

  4. Greetings from Jamaica, and thank you for following my blog!

  5. I can only compliment you on your choice of going natural. Well done.

  6. Congratulations!

    I have nominated your blog for the Real Neat Blog Award.

    More about this nomination is at


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