Health Coaching

Duke Integrative Medicine has pioneered an approach to health care that places the patient at the center and addresses the full range of influences that affect a person’s health. This “whole-person” approach, as seen in the “Wheel of Health”, makes it possible to address underlying factors that influence one’s health, rather than just treating the symptoms of a health condition.

What differentiates a Duke Trained Integrative Health Coach?

Duke’s Integrative Coaching program trains coaches in motivational interviewing skills, the Transtheoretical model of change, and the neuroscience behind behavioral change. Duke Integrative Health coaches are experts on behavioral change. Coaches partner with their clients in a dynamic and extremely collaborative way that allows the client to be active and in control of the work that is being done. The coach is simply an agent for change. This type of partnership is backed by Duke’s research and clinical studies which reveal how this creates an environment that is optimal for positive behavior change. Through this partnership a coach is able to work with clients on clarifying what their optimal health is and explore the various options of getting there. This partnership is an excellent way to connect the gap between medical recommendations from doctors or practitioners and implementing those recommendations in day to day life. The partnership between a client and IH coach is about developing a structured and supportive environment where the client is able to make change that will not only impact their day to day life, but also their entire vision and purpose in life.

A large component of working with an Integrative Health Coach is mindful awareness. Duke’s training is heavily based on mindfulness and the role mindful awareness plays in facilitating and creating space for behavior change. Mindfulness is about focusing your awareness on the present moment and purposefully placing your attention.  There is an overwhelming amount of research showing that being mindfully aware allows us to better manage our emotions and thoughts, which is a critical piece when assessing one’s health and actively engaging in behavior change.

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